Woman Claiming To Be Simeon Nyachae’s Widow Wants DNA Conducted On 3 Children

Written by on 26 July 2023

A woman claiming to have been married to the late Simeon Nyachae now wants DNA tests conducted on her children to prove paternity.

During the hearing of the Nyachae estate case, Margaret Kerubo Chweya told the court that she has no objection to her children undergoing a DNA to prove they are Nyachae’s. 

She told the court that she had two sons and one daughter with the late politician. 

“All these children their father is Simeon Nyachae is their father. It’s our humble prayer…..A DNA test should be conducted for the children,” she said. 

The court was told that Kerubo met Nyachae in 1973 at Jogoo house, when he was a civil servant in Nyeri.

“I was a subordinate staff at the ministry once I met him we became friends he encouraged me to go back to school. I was at Jogoo house when I first met him and he approached me and asked if I was Kisii. He declared his interest in me and I fell in love with him coz he was very kind and caring ,” she told the court. 

According to Kerubo, Nyachae told her that he had three wives adding that he couldn’t take her to church or Judge.

“He paid dowry to my uncle since both my parents are deceased. He sent an envelope through his elder brother to my uncle.”

She further told the court that she stayed in Kariokor.

 “At that time I think I was the fifth wife but I loved him just like that. He bought a house for me in Loresho. His fourth wife was jealous and threatened me with my children that’s why he organized for us to leave the country for our own safety,” the court heard.

Kerubo testified that Nyachae made arrangements to rent out the house while she was in the USA and even sent her proceeds.

She testified that she never got an opportunity to see her mother-in-law. It is her testimony that she was evicted from the late –Nyachae’s funeral.

However, a private investigation carried out by the Nyachae family both in Kenya and US where she resides, (and had been filed in court) claims that Kerubo was married to other men before.

The report reveals Kerubo has had four husbands in the past. Claims that she has denied.

It was supported by affidavits by two of the said men, who said they were married to Kerubo at some point in their lives.

Nyachae had five known wives and over 20 children, according to the family. The spouses included Esther Nyaboke Nyachae, the late Drusilla Kerubo Nyachae and Silvia Nyokabi whom he divorced. Others are Martha Mwango Nyachae and Grace Wamuyu Nyachae.

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