Wetangula Should’ve Been Foreign Affairs CS, Not Mudavadi; Senator Onyonka On Haiti Debacle

Written by on 12 March 2024

Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka believes that National Assembly Spear Moses Wetangula is a better fit as Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS) compared to the incumbent Musalia Mudavadi.

According to Onyonka, Mudavadi has failed to tactfully deal with the ongoing Haiti debacle which aims to have Kenya deploy 1,000 officers as part of a multinational force to help restore calm in the war-torn nation.

Appearing on Citizen TV Tuesday morning, Onyonka opined that if Wetangula was manning the docket there would be a more sober approach to organising the much-questioned structure detailing how Kenya plans to approach the deployment.

He argued that Wetangula has well-poised pronouncements and skills that would be much needed in the ongoing contention.

“Musalia (Mudavadi) is a good man. But even when the President is talking about Haiti the Minister of Interior is the one speaking and not Mudavadi because of its confusion,” said Onyonka. 

“It is the minister for foreign affairs who stands up and says we are going to Haiti because of this, our agenda is this, the president has said this.”

The Senator further stated that roles in the Cabinet have been jumbled up, arguing that Interior CS Kithure Kindiki should not be the only one briefing the nation on the structures since Kenya also shares a diplomatic relationship with Haiti.

“We are members of the United Nations, Kenya is going to Haiti under the auspicious of the United Nations,” he said.

“He (Kindiki) is not going to police people in Haiti, the matter becomes an international matter, it is Musalia who is supposed to be declaring and talking about what we are going to do in Haiti.”

As of Tuesday morning, the crisis in the Caribbean nation was thrown into further disarray after Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigned from office, as gang leader Jimmy Chérizier ‘Barbeque’ had wanted, leaving many awaiting a daunting uncertainty.

United Nations Security Council Resolution has delegated Kenya to lead a Multinational Security Support Mission (MSS), which will see Kenya and other nations deploy their officers to war.

President William Ruto has been warned against making the move, as most critics have warned that sending the troops is just sending them to a death trap.

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