‘We Are Open To Talks But…’ President Ruto Sets Condition For Dialogue With Azimio

Written by on 20 July 2023

President William Ruto now says that he is open to a dialogue with the Opposition provided the talks do not involve a power-sharing agreement.

Speaking on Wednesday in Kericho County amid the ongoing Azimio One Kenya Coalition-led countrywide protests, the president reaffirmed his earlier stance that there could only be constructive talks on how to fodge the country forward and no room for the infamous ‘Handshake’ with the Opposition.

The Head of state clarified that the Kenya Kwanza regime has no problem engaging with their rivals in a bid to end the ongoing tiff that has occasioned deadly and destructive demonstrations.

“We don’t have a problem with speaking with anyone so long as tunaongea mambo ya wananchi. Mambo ya kugawanya mamlaka wananchi wanaongea siku ya kura. Now, we are planning how to create jobs for the youth and how the country will go forward,” he said.

“I want us to agree that in Kenya we don’t want chaos…hatutaki vita hatutaki kuharibu mali na vifaa vya serikali.”

According to President Ruto, the government has been willing to have an audience with the Azimio outfit but the latter violated the bipartisan talks by walking away.

He hence urges the Odinga-led faction to find amicable ways to address their concerns.

“We want to be a nation that respects democracy…Democracy is decided by votes and kwa vujo au kwa vita…inaamuliwa kwa kura,” he said.

“Kama mko na matatizo, tafadhali, kuna njia ya kisheria ya kuendelea…Tulikubaliana na wao tuongee wakaacha mambo ya kuongea wakaenda kufanya vita.”

President Ruto similarly cited the provision of the Constitution which allows freedom of picketing saying the recent turnout of events was a violation of the same law.

He, therefore, maintained that his administration would not condone any incidents of violence and would firmly deal with anyone who threatens peace and causes mayhem in the country.

“We have no issue with any constitutional provision on picketing or demonstration; but we cannot be a country of chaos, violence and nobody should take advantage of any constitution provision to perpetuate violence, anarchy, destroy property…that is unacceptable, we are a peaceful country and a democracy,” he warned.

The president consequently told off the Opposition over the planned series of demos saying he would not be cowed but would use government mechanisms to deal with lawbreakers.

“I want us to agree as Kenyans that we will guard our country, our democracy and our politics will not be chaotic and destructive to resources and businesses,” Ruto warned.

“We must protect our country and our democracy by making sure that our politics is devoid of violence, chaos or destruction of private businesses or public property. We must protect this country and the police must be firm on hooligans, criminals, people who want to destroy other people’s properties and life…”

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