Waiguru Slams Martha Karua, Says NARC-Kenya Is A ‘Briefcase Political Party’

Written by on 9 February 2022

The political atmosphere in Kirinyaga County has continued to heat up in recent months as political aspirants, eyeing elective seats in the region, drum up support ahead of the August General Elections.

With succession battles in the region intensifying, the County’s top politicians have notably been engaging in a war of words in a bid to one-up on their rivals in the hunt for Kirinyaga’s votes.

On Wednesday, incumbent Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru chided NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua who is seeking to unseat her in the upcoming August polls, for being the leader of what she described as a political outfit that allegedly only exists on paper.

According to Waiguru, who is seeking to defend her position on a UDA ticket, Karua’s outfit is a briefcase party that only exists in name.

She said the fact that NARC Kenya does not have any of its member currently holding an elective position should speak volumes about the party’s prospects of presenting the county’s next governor.

“Hakuna mtu ambaye ako na cheo kubwa kama ya county ambaye hana chama mfukoni Chama haina wafuasi, haina hata mtu ambaye amechaguliwa,” Waiguru said on Wednesday when she addressed residents of Mukure ward, Ndia constituency.

“Kama sasa Kirinyaga tuko na chama ya NARC Kenya. Iko MCA ama mbunge ata mmoja wa NARC Kenya? Hakuna. Chama iko kwa karatasi, lakini wafuasi hakuna. Kwa hivyo ata mtu akisema ako na chama ishirini sisi hatubabaiki kwa sababu hiyo chama ni Briefcase political party.”

The governor had earlier presided over the issuance of the second phase of bursaries and ECDE material in the area.

To further add onto her argument pertaining to phantom political outfits, Waiguru jested that she could easily form a party and have it registered by time she finished her address.

“Hata mimi nikitaka chama leo naeza toka na chama na certificate. Hiyo ni kusema iko na wafuasi? Hapana,” Waiguru said.

“Kwa hivyo watu ni werevu. Majina zingine ukiuliza hata wananchi hawajui lakini uliza watu wa Kirinyaga chama chao ni gani na watasema UDA,” Waiguru added.

Waiguru and Karua have in the past crossed paths in matters Kirinyaga politics. The pair were on opposite sides in the 2017 general elections where they contested for the county’s governor seat. After losing to Waiguru, Karua notably filed an election litigation petition against the current Kirinyaga Governor which was later dismissed by the Supreme Court.

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