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On the 7th of JUNE 2021 Education CS George Magoa on Monday gave a go ahead to the head teachers and principals to use any means in order to be able to fish out school fees from the parents pockets and ensure they have cleared as the kids are going back after half term for a smooth running of the school activities and education. He even asked them to send the kids back home those with balances .CS Education Magoa said this during a function of handing over the Agricultural Laboratory [ALB] Building at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

He said that some parents have the ability to pay school fees but are taking advantage of his earlier on directive where he had asked the Head not to send the kids home on issues pertaining school fees

“This population and the people we have in this nation are very interesting for majority of them can’t afford to pay for their sons and daughters fees but can do other things and luxuries.” said Magoa. He also added and requested the heads and principals on behalf of the government to argue the parents to pay the fees without any hesitation at all. Despite requesting the heads to send the kids to be sent home he also urged the heads to reconsider the kids from poor background and those who their parents were affected by covid -19 pandemic and lost their jobs

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