Tea farmers in Nyamira County want national government to manage their tea

Written by on 16 September 2020

Tea growers from Rigoma ward in Kitutu Masaba Constituency, Nyamira County on Wednesday morning stormed a meeting that was convened by the board of management of Nyankoba Tea Factory at Rigoma market.
The directors are said to have called for a meeting with the farmers to discuss the ongoing deal to transfer the management of tea from the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) which is privately run by the Board of directors to the government.
The farmers disrupted the meeting forcing the directors and the top management to flee.
The farmers led by former councilor Robert Maubi accused the directors of being egocentric and not championing the rights of the farmers.
According to the farmers, they have suffered much at the hands of those they thought were their saviors but turned to be enriching themselves.
“We want the government to take over and manage our tea, for the directors have done their work and we have seen it,” said Maubi.
The farmers said that they are the employers and they decide on who to manage their affairs and for this time they have decided for the government.
Speaking to one of the farmers, Vincent Menta said that, the directors have done a good job and they have witnessed it.
“We have seen their deformities and successes the reason as to why we have decided to give this opportunity to the government too,” said Menta.
The farmers also questioned the directors for having their meetings outside their designated boardroom in the factory premises.
They termed this as an uncouth and unbecoming behavior of them as directors.
In defense of Ogembo-Eberege, Tea Factory director Charles Ogetange said that directors are not in opposition to the decision that will be taken.
Mr. Ogetange was responding to a question posed by Levis Obwoge host breakfast show “Emambia Engiya” at Radio Vuna, Ogetange noted that directors have not been involved in acts of luring farmers to buy their idea.
“We are not opposing the transfer of management, Directors have not been involved in luring the farmers into opposing the idea but now that the matter is before the court we just give it time,” noted Ogetange.
It’s alleged that most of the directors are in fear of losing their jobs as a result of the transfer.

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