Ruto, Yet Again, Vows Sleepless Nights For Corrupt Judicial Officers

Written by on 4 January 2024

For the umpteenth time, President William Ruto has vowed to weed out corrupt judicial officers whom he says are sabotaging his government’s ambitions.

In a high-spirited statement on Thursday, Ruto asserted that he will not tire of going after dishonourable individuals working in the Judiciary until they are nipped in the bud.

“Not a single cent will be used to bribe nobody. Mambo ya wafisadi wote ni yale nilisema,” he wrote on his X account.

Ruto also seemed to respond to Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi and Senior Counsel Paul Muite who on the same online platform commented on the president’s announcement that he would stop Judicial impunity.

“H.E. RUTO faces the headwinds of corruption and judicial impunity lawyers and their clients face in our courts 24/7….Mr. president the chickens have come home to roost! But, Mr. President it isn’t too late to start judicial reforms,” wrote Ahmednasir.

Muite on his part consented to Ahmednasir’s claims that the courts were compromised by the previous regime to have the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) lose a case to the Teacher’s Service Commission (TSC).

“I confirm that this Statement by SC Ahmednasir on KNUT’s Case is true & accurate. Consequence was destruction not only of KNUT but tragically, education in Public Schools. President WSR (Ruto) shouldn’t however copy his predecessor; two wrongs never make a right!” wrote Muite.

President Ruto has now told Ahmednasir “You warned me of sabotage by corrupt judicial officers. I told you there are many good officers in the judiciary and that we will root out the corrupt. We shall.”

To Muite he said, “the impunity of bribing judges so as not to derail, delay, or sabotage Kenya’s imminent transformation will never happen under my watch.”

This comes amid overheated tension between Ruto and the Judiciary after the president faulted the courts for wounding two of his key projects in Universal Health Care and affordable housing, blaming it on a few judicial officers who were bribed to rule against the projects in court.

“Our Judiciary, we respect you but judicial impunity by corrupt judicial officers must stop in Kenya…we’ll stop it and whatever it takes,” said Ruto last week.

“Ati watu wachache, wawili watatu wameenda kortini, wakahongana kortini mipango hiyo ikasimamishwa…barabara ikasimamishwa, Universal Health Coverage ikasimamishwa, mambo ya housing inasimamishwa…lazima tuulizane, lazima tuwe na mjadala,” he added.

Chief Justice Martha Koome made an apt rebuttal where she condemned the remarks as they touch on matters presently still being deliberated in court.

In an internal memo to judges and Judiciary staff CJ Koome noted that Ruto’s remarks can hence only serve to intimidate judges to rule in a certain way, urging the judges and judicial staff to continue exercising their duties in accordance with the law and without any undue influence from any authority.

“Declarations of corruption in public events and activities without corresponding procedural reporting mechanisms exposes an institution such as the Judiciary to public suspicion and distrust,” she stated.

“This trend, if let to continue will break down the governance structures set up by the Constitution exposing Kenya to anarchism as opposed to democratic reverence and the rule of law.”

CJ Koome further asserted to the nation that the Judiciary shall not be compromised in any way and will appropriately deal with any officer who will be found going against the Judicial Conduct.

Ruto’s statement, which has now been likened to a threat, has attracted censures from leaders including opposition leader Raila Odinga.

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