Ruto set to appoint taskforce to review police welfare

Written by on 14 December 2022

The long wait for police reforms could soon be over after President William Ruto announced plans to set up a taskforce to lead the process.

Speaking during the country’s 59th Jamhuri Day celebrations at Nyayo National stadium in Nairobi on Monday, December 12, President Ruto said the tasforce will be in place by the end of the year.

The team will be tasked with reviewing the terms of the National Police Service (NPS).

During the campaign period, the Kenya Kwanza team led by Deputy President Riagthi Gachagua promised that Ruto’s government would effect a raft of reforms in the police service to better the welfare of the men and women in uniform.

Likening the uniform to the blue uniform worn by women in PCEA church, the vocal politician said a majority of the officers were opposed to changes in the police uniform.

“You have suffered so much in the hands of Matiang’i and Kibicho. Even the new blue uniform that you don’t want will be revoked and we return to the old one. The blue one will be left for PCEA church. It is the uniform of women’s guild,” he said.

He also vowed to spearhead a revision of the salaries and wages of the officers, which he said have stagnated since the end of President Mwai Kibaki’s tenure.

Meanwhile, President Ruto said on Monday that recent changes in the police service had begun to bear fruits.

He said the Kenya Kwanza administration’s move to grant the police service financial independence was necessary and will go along in ensuring that there is efficiency, professionalism and accountability in the police body.

“On my first day in office, I also executed the necessary instrument to actualize the financial independence of the National Police Service in the realization that this is the substantive enabler of genuine institutional independence. The operational independence of the police is necessary for its efficiency, professionalism and accountability,” Ruto said.

Since then, Ruto said, the police service had successfully re-oriented policing operations from a heavy and illegitimate reliance on illegal and extra-judicial interventions, to improved vigilance and relationship with the citizens.

According to the Head of State, previous policing operations frequently entailed intolerable violations such as abduction, torture, disappearance and murder.

“There is now consensus that a new policing paradigm is at hand, and it is possible to achieve a high level of security for our citizens and also observe their rights and freedoms to the greatest extent,” he said as he commended the police for their work.

“I, therefore, commend the entire national police service, from the constable on the beat to the Inspector-General, for the enthusiasm with which they have embraced the changes and enhanced our general security through increased vigilance and improved relationships with citizens and their communities. Before the end of the year, I will be appointing a taskforce to review the terms of the police service.”

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