Ruto Looking For Scapegoat To Admit Kenya Is In Debt Distress – Wanjigi

Written by on 22 January 2024

Former Presidential hopeful Jimi Wanjigi has claimed that President William Ruto is on the verge of saying that Kenya is in debt distress. 

In an interview with KTN, Wanjigi said the president is looking for a scapegoat for the distress of Kenya’s debt, and is leading the country into bankruptcy. 

“What I’m seeing is debt distress. I can see he (Ruto) is looking for a scapegoat to come and tell us now he is in distress. And he has to default on this debt. If he does that I will say that he is personally responsible for bankrupting Kenya,” Wanjigi said. 

He went ahead to say that the president has made wrong choices and policies, which are now becoming a burden to the taxpayers and wants to run away and claim his plans are being scuttled. 

“When he had the opportunity in the last 15 months to chose a better route, he chose the wrong route and he is now taking us into bankruptcy,” Wanjigi added. 

He said it is time Kenyans rethink their choices, and has given President Ruto three months to amend the mess lest he joins other like-minded citizens to demand proper changes. 

Wanjigi proposed a sit-down with all creditors and ask for rescheduling and better terms of repaying the debts. 

He also condemned the president for raising taxes to pay the debts, saying that would not work. Instead, he only sees Ruto’s administration as distressing, and that will be disastrous for the country. 

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