Raila and I know each other very well, I know his endgame with maandamano – Ruto

Written by on 15 May 2023

President William Ruto now says he knows what the possible endgame scenarios of Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya’s leader Raila Odinga’s anti-governmental protests might be and the opposition leader has already devised a way out.

Addressing the issue while speaking during the burial service of freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi’s widow Mukami Kimathi in Njabini on Saturday, May 13, 2023, Ruto however muted and subdued his words and only stated that Raila’s ultimate objective is informed by their long-term association in politics and familiarity with each other.

He therefore urged the opposition leader to give his administration a chance to work for Kenyans.

Bwana former Prime Minister vile wewe unanijua, mimi pia nakujua na niko tayari tukubaliane na watu wa Azimio lakini tuwache fujo. Nipatie nafasi kidogo nifanye kazi,”Ruto stated although he did not ascertain the exact reason for protests.

This comes as officials inside Ruto’s administration continue to urge Raila to exit protests amid ongoing bi-partisan talks with Azimio vowing to hit the streets once again should their demands fail to be met.

Ruto’s officials still believe Raila is undeterred and wants a tangible victory with talks but they don’t know what measure could be sufficient for him to declare victory.

Although Raila’s goals are not readily apparent, he has maintained that he is not interested in working with the government and is only fighting for common Mwananchi.

Meanwhile, Ruto hinted at creating a government funded opposition leader seat to hold his administration accountable.

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