President Ruto Meets CJ Koome At State House

Written by on 22 January 2024

President William Ruto and Chief Justice Martha Koome are currently holding a meeting at State House, Nairobi. 

The meeting follows public pronouncements by the two, who said they are ready to meet and resolve the tiff between the judiciary and executive. 

In a media address by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on January 15, the Chief Justice said the commission had reached out to President Ruto for a meeting to discuss any issues they have with the judicial arm.

The president would later, on January 16, welcome the Judiciary’s call for talks, saying it should involve the leadership of the three arms of government.

“The meeting should be between executive (led by Ruto), judiciary (led by Koome) and legislature (led by Speakers). I am ready for the conversation on how we are going to deal with vested interests, incompetence and corruption,” Ruto said in a Rally at Nandi County. 

Ruto has in recent days mounted a war against the Koome-led judicial arm of government, accusing it of sabotaging his government’s agenda. 

He has even vowed to disregard court orders he says are motivated by ‘judicial impunity’.

This would later be condemned by Koome, saying the “…trhreats and declarations are extremely serious and a monumental assault on the Constitution, the rule of law and the very stability of the nation and can lead to chaos and anarchy in our motherland.”

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