‘Pay taxes first, then point fingers’ – Makau Mutua reacts to Ruto’s tax claims

Written by on 1 February 2023

Lawyer Makau Mutua has criticized the Kenya Kwanza administration over claims that some influential Kenyans are evading paying taxes.

Mutua, in a tweet on Tuesday, January 31, claimed that the Kenya Kwanza government is filled with people who have never paid taxes.

He said the leaders should honour their tax obligations before pointing fingers.

“How can a regime filled with people who have never paid taxes — including those at the very top — accuse their opponents of evading taxes? Pay taxes first, then point fingers if you’ve evidence,” Mutua, who doubles as the Spokesperson of Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga, said in a tweet.

President William Ruto yesterday hit out at the opposition saying their recent rallies are sponsored by wealthy Kenyans keen to evade paying taxes.

The Head of State said every citizen must pay taxes, adding that Kenya is not an animal farm where some animals are more equal than others.

“Even if they sponsor demonstrations so that they do not pay tax, I want to promise them that they will pay tax, there are no more exemptions,” the Head of State said.

“This country is not the animal farm where some are more equal than others, we are going to have a society where every citizen carries their fair share of our burden to raise our taxes.”

Ruto was speaking in Mombasa, where he presided over the National Assembly’s Post-Election Seminar 2023 in collaboration with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).

Without mentioning names, Ruto said some Kenyans holding high offices have been exempting themselves from paying taxes “using all manner of instruments”, burdening the common mwananchi.

“I’m not talking about additional taxes, I’m talking about taxes that have been agreed upon by parliament and signed into law,” he added.

Ruto has been critical of the rallies organised by Raila, arguing that the opposition chief is up to no good.

On Sunday, Raila held a major rally at Jakaranda Grounds in Embakasi East where he accused the Kenya Kwanza administration of overburdening Kenyans with taxes.

Raila while likening Ruto’s administration to the biblical tax collector Zacchaeus called on Kenyans to resist paying taxes terming them as “punitive”.

“We ask that all Kenyans demand the removal of these punitive taxes. There will be no taxation without representation,” Raila said.

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