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Mr. Sivo a police corporal based in Njoro station in Nakuru, allegedly killed his girlfriend Mary Nyambura yesterday in Njoro sub-county hospital.

Mary Nyambura visited the hospital with a broken leg after allegedly being assaulted by the corporal, who later on followed her to the hospital an hour later and shot her multiple times leading to her death.

Corporal Sivo who was on a night shift at the station, had earlier on excused himself saying he wanted to make a phone call but later on was clearly revealed that he had other intentions.

After the killing of Mary, Sivo went to his home and told his wife that the woman she had been conflicting with, was now dead. The wife was terrified and fled to safety.

According to police reports Sivo walked back to the station, he promised the OCS who had heard the gunshots, he won’t shoot again but still shot in the air. Moments later, drama ensued at the Njoro police station where Corporal Sivo had gone wild. The other police officers tried to calm him down but he shot himself at the chin and the bullet went right through his head, killing him instantly.

This happens after other rising cases of police officers killing their loved ones and people who’ve been in their lives have been witnessed recently and have been linked to be psychological issues. However, its different for Sivo whose case is considered personal weaknesses as per OCS Kisaka.

One of the similar case was witnessed in Ruaraka Nairobi, where Hudson Wakise a GSU officer shot his wife Pauline Wakasa  a traffic police officer , after an argument of Pauline wanting a separation from him, and shot himself afterwards leaving their two kids orphaned.

Many are left with troubled questions on why police officers who are supposed to be a protecting body to the country, have turned out to be the ones causing harm? Is it the known rough training they undergo? Or is there much more to it than that that meets the eye?

Their bodies are being preserved in the Egerton University Morgue awaiting postmortem.

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