Karua Says ‘One-Of-A-Kind’ Horse To Join August Presidential Race In Six Weeks

Written by on 13 January 2022

NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua has appealed to the Kenyan media to cease referring to the upcoming August polls as a two-horse race. 

The Kirinyaga  gubernatorial seat hopeful said the ‘two-horse’ narrative is skewed, and does not represent the correct position of Kenyan politics. 

According to the ‘Iron Lady’ who was speaking during a rally in Kirinyaga on Sunday, in the next six weeks, Kenyans will be introduced to another horse; a one of its kind horse that will gallop toward victory. 

She appeared to refer to the quartet of leaders; KANU’s Gideon Moi, Wipers Kalonzo Musyoka and Cyrus Jirongo and herself who were in attendance. 

“Kenya has a rich menu of candidates, we have my brother Kalonzo who has declared, we don’t not know who else will declare before April,” Martha Karua said. 

“Friends in the media stop the narrative of two horses. In the next 6 weeks we will shock you with an announcement that the fifth president is seating here with us,” 

Karua promised to work for both Kenya and Kirinyaga County if she is elected Governor of Kirinyaga County, stating that health, agriculture, and youth empowerment will be her top priorities.

At the same time, Karua said she was not going to fold her party in order to join another party ahead of the polls. 

According to Karua, although she supported President Kenyatta’s bid in 2017 , she did not fold her party. 

She gave an example of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, DP Willam Ruto who no longer see eye to eye despite folding TNA and URP, respectively,  to form Jubilee. 

“Be very warned if someone is demanding that you join their party you should be very worried,” Karua said

“Uhuru and DP Ruto were in one party wearing one shirt, but today, we do not know what happened  and they do not see eye to eye anymore.”

On his part, Kalonzo hailed the gubernatorial aspirant as an accomplished lawyer who will transform Kirinyaga county.

“With Martha and Gideon, there will be true democracy and we are going to negotiate with others who are like-minded,” said Kalonzo.

“Kirinyaga produces macadamia and avocado for export, if we had value-addition factories for these products these youth would not be jobless,” he added.

His co-principal Moi meanwhile pledged to weed out corruption under the OKA presidency, further warning the corrupt leaders that their time is up.

“Ufisadi ni kifo, we are going to deal ruthlessly with the corrupt, so wajue we are just marking time,” said Moi.

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