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It has emerged that now all those seeking elective positions will be required to produce a Digital certificate for their academic papers. The Electoral Body IEBC will rely on the certificates as generated by the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) before clearing the Candidates to run for the respective positions.

Kenya National Qualifications Board is the consistued Body to harmonize education to undertake quality assurance of all qualifications in Kenya. The Board has now partnered with IEBC to bar candidates who may bring up fake certificates for purposes of clearance to nominations in the upcoming General Elections.

Director General KNQA Dr Juma Mukhwana has said they have a created an online portal where all potential candidates will send their academic certificates for purposes of aunthencation.The portal called Kenya National Recognition Equation and Verification Portal will be the one stop verifier of all the academic credentials for the persons interested to vie in the upcoming General Elections.

“All candidates up from the President To the MCAs will be required to log in and create their account where they will upload all their academic papers” said Mukhweana.

Dr.Mukwana added that the Agency will thoroughly verify the certificates by contacting the respective instituions that awarded the qualifications and also use their systems to cross check their validity.

“We shall contact all universities colleges and any other institutions that awarded them the certificates and do a thorough verification process as such to approve them “said Mukwana.

He added that once the verification is done with a digital certificate will be available for the respective candidates.

This is happening at a time the legislators are arguably trying to postpone the implemabntion that requires politicians to have some level; of education as such to contest for different positions.

Dr.Mukhwana says the portal is ready and are waiting for the IEBC to give Direction in when it will kick off.

“The Online Portal is ready for the exercise and we are waiting for IEBC to advice on the correct timings to start off. We are expecting to this portal to run ahead of the candidates nominations,” said Mukwana.

He also said the agency will rely on its database called National Qualification Information Management System (NAQIMS) AS THE SYSTEM is used to accredit all training institutions and register all national qualifications. The system also helps in keeping the leaders is national track records, as well as qualifications turnovers, number of graduates preferred candidates ,student dropout cases and another statics about the Candidate.

Mukhwana added t6hat the agency has partnered with  investigative agencies i.e DCI,EACCand also the Immigration Department to eliminate Fake papers.

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  1. john ogoi   On   11 August 2021 at 12:00 PM

    I think it’s a good move for the IEBC but let it be noted that being a leader is not about papers but the experience and charisma.
    We’ve had leader in the past that I can quote who never went to school but splendid in their performance.
    Paper as said is just but a scheme to scam.

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