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September is suicide awareness month as from the 5th to 11th.

Suicide is when people harm themselves with the goal of ending their life, and they die as a result.

Suicide is most often the result of profound pain, fear and despair; it is the trump of pain, fear and loss over hope [Bertolote, 2000].

Causes of suicide among people as per Kisii county are;

Depression is a mood disorder that affects an individual’s feelings and adjustment to how they feel.

Alcohol and substance abuse people who abuse alcohol and drugs are characterized as individuals who are facing hopelessness.

Financial hardships; the standards of living are considered high with labor market demanding, and others lacking sources of income.

Intimate relationships; this is considered a major cause of suicide among young and old people. Many invest so much in their patners and peg their happiness and comfort on their relationships and once there is a breakup, they sense hopelessness.

Conflict; is identified as differences between individuals due to their opinion or beliefs. Suicidal behavior can be caused by conflict.

                                        PREVENTIVE MEASURES

Suicidal behavior is a private issue. However, since it presents itself in the public domain.

Firstly, as a national concern in Kenya, the government should place declare suicide as a national crisis since it threatens future generations. The important step that the government can take is to create an institutional framework for the prevention and control of suicide and suicidal tendencies.

In the midst of the main policies that can be used in control, prevention and management of suicidal behavior and suicide among people is the provision of knowledge within religious institutions.

A third approach is the establishment of a suicide based suicide prevention program.

In general, to reduce rates of suicide among people, the society should build communities in which people find connection and belonging.

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