MP criticizes move to award police medical cover’s tender to private providers

Written by on 2 January 2023

The move by the government to transfer police medical insurance from the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has been met with sharp criticism.

Gatundu South MP Gabriel Kagombe says it was unwise for the government to move the key medical coverage to private companies, stressing that such will interfere with the important services that police offer to Kenyans.

Further, the MP says the decision disregards the government’s bid for universal health coverage in the country, a program that has been ongoing to ease access to medical services by all Kenyans, their financial backgrounds notwithstanding.

Irked by the move, the lawmaker says the police department has been held captive by cartels he insists must be disbanded by parliamentarians to ensure that police get the quality services they have been getting from NHIF.

“There no time that we will keep silent to assume all is well. There is no way you can eliminate NHIF schemes from the police. We have seen the challenges that teachers are facing and police will not go in this direction,” Kagombe said.

“Whoever is taking the police service captive must be warned that you will face us in parliament once we go back,” the MP added.

NHIF contract terminated

The National Police Service (NPS) and the Kenya Prisons Service terminated their contract with NHIF due to high costs.

While the national insurer had made a bid for the renewal of the contract for 2023, the Ksh9.3 billion was declared unsuccessful.

Instead, private health providers led by CIC General Limited Insurance, Old Mutual General Insurance Kenya Limited, and Britam General Insurance, were awarded the tender after bidding at a cost of Ksh8.6 billion.

But Kagombe insists the move will also interfere with the rigorous campaigns that the government has been conducting across the country urging Kenyans to join the national insurance scheme.

“I also want to urge President William Ruto to stand with NHIF. Anybody wishing to misuse taxpayers’ money in collaboration with cartels have their days numbered,” Kagombe added.

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