Kisii: NEMA warns public against using banned plastic bags

Written by on 3 October 2022

Kisii county National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Director, Leonard Ofula has warned members of the public against buying and using banned plastic papers, saying they risk arrest and prosecution.

Consequently, the officer has appealed to courts to impose heavy fines on sellers, buyers and users of the papers to deter others and foster a clean environment.

He noted some individuals bought the papers from the neighbouring countries, sneaked them across the border at night and sold them to small-scale traders to wrap foodstuff.

The officer stated when convicted sellers were given lenient fines prompting them to continue with the business, negating the war on illegal plastic bags.

“NEMA officers have intensified surveillance to apprehend the suspects before they ferry the papers to the country and those selling them within the area” Ofula noted.

He warned members of the public about using the papers to carry food stuff stressing, like sellers, they too risked arrest and prosecution.

Similarly, the Director has also warned members of the public to shun masqueraders who purport to be NEMA employees and to report them to the police for arrest.

Some individuals noted the officers claiming to be NEMA officers were harassing investors in real estate and demanding bribes from them for favours, adding that unsuspecting investors had lost money to the fraudsters.

“They threaten the investors that they will write bad reports on their premises and condemn them if they do not bribe them” Ofula stated, adding some investors had complained to NEMA officers.

He appealed to the investors to demand official Identification Cards for the office and national before they allow them into their premises to avoid being conned.

“NEMA officers do not demand bribes to write favourable Reports for investors. Report those who demand bribes and do not give them money,” the Director noted.

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