‘Kenya Kwanza needs to get out of power, disband and quit’ – Azimio

Written by on 18 July 2023

Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party has asked the Kenya Kwanza administration to vacate the government for failing to provide solutions for Kenyans.

In a statement on Monday, July 17, 2023, Azimio claimed that Kenya Kwanza has been unable to lower the cost of living, and instead is making the situation worse by raising taxes.

“In their address last weekend, Kenya Kwanza purported to call the attention of the nation to efforts by the Government to reduce the cost of living, despite having taken over our economy at rock bottom. But they could not point to any such efforts. If there is an effort to lower the cost of living, Kenyans will notice it and Kenya Kwanza would not need to be explaining itself,” the statement read in part.

“The truth is, there are no such efforts to lower the cost of living. How can the raising of taxes on fuel from 8 to 16 percent be classified as an effort to lower the cost of living?”

Azimio says it has no obligation to provide solutions for lowering the cost of living.

“If Kenya Kwanza’s solutions are not working for the people, Kenya Kwanza needs to get out of power. Disband and Quit. Across the world, responsible leaders and regimes admit failure of their policies and quit in the interest of the nation. Don’t ask us for solutions. Quit and pave the way for a regime that has solutions,” Azimio added.

Azimio demos

The opposition outfit maintained that they will hold their anti-government protests for three consecutive days from Wednesday to Friday to protest among other issues the cost of living.

“We are here, first and foremost, to confirm that the peaceful protests planned for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week are on as earlier declared by our leadership,” Azimio stated.

The outfit castigated Kenya Kwanza MPs for planning to hold counter-protests, which they says could turn chaotic and in turn harm Kenyan of both political divides.

We take note that Kenya Kwanza MPs have threatened to mobilize their supporters to counter-protesters whom they believe are supporters of Azimio. All the same, we welcome Kenya Kwanza MPs to the protests on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If they come with violence and murder, Kenya Kwanza supporters will be among the victims,” the statement added.

According to Azimio, protestors who have been showing up come from across the divide.

The opposition has also accused the government of planning to use a “killer unit” from the police targeting protestors and also Azimio leaders led by Raila Odinga.

“We take note that Kenya Kwanza MPs have resolved to cooperate with the police and ensure that there is no further loss of life and livelihoods. We know what this means. It means confronting protesters with members of that killer squad called Operations Support Unit, whose brief is to maim and kill protesters, including Azimio leaders,” Azimio stated.

“In this regard, we take great exception to the continued threats to the life of our leader, Raila Odinga, as propagated by senior leaders of the Kenya Kwanza regime. There will be a price to pay for those threats.”

Azimio has accused Kenya Kwanza leaders of being the sponsors of the greatest violence, murders and displacements in Kenya’s history.

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