Keep off Azimio, fight high cost of living: Raila to Ruto

Written by on 18 October 2023

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga has asked President William Ruto to concentrate on strategies that will lower cost of living instead of meddling on his coalition affairs.

He claimed that Ruto had failed majority of Kenyans especially those he regards as hustlers by failing to fulfil his campaign promises, among them, reducing the high cost of living.

“When President Ruto paid a visit to Siaya and Nyanza counties at large last week, he was concerned on how the Azimio leaders are going to position themselves ahead of the 2027 General Election but that was not going to add value to the lives of Kenyans,” said Raila.

He added: “The increased fuel prices are hurting Kenyans who depend on fuel to produce basic commodities. I want to tell Ruto to restrict his remarks to matters that concern Kenyans and not that which touch on Azimio. When time comes and campaign whistle is blown, one of us will carry the Azimio flag and we don’t need to be lectured or redirected on how to re-arrange our house.”

Raila noted that Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka is a steadfast leader who stands by his words.

“I have interacted and mingled with both Kalonzo and Ruto and known them by capacity and character and I can say that Ruto does not match Kalonzo.

Kalonzo is one whom you can trust and have confidence in, unlike Ruto who reneges on his promises,” he said.

Raila, who spoke during a thanks giving ceremony and 80th birthday of Siaya Senator Dr Oburu Oginga, said the ruling administration needs to rethink how it is running the country’s affairs.

Raila’s sentiments

 Kalonzo reiterated Raila’s sentiments, urging Ruto to first deal with the high cost of living which has greatly affected Kenyans.

He said: “Before 2027 talks, sort out pending IEBC case that earned you a victory… 2022 elections still rings in our minds. Kenyans are fed up and do not trust the Kenya Kwanza administration.”

He added: “We touched on the high cost of living in our talks with Kenya Kwanza wing but we need to delve on it deeply.”

 He also used the said opportunity to tell President Ruto off over the proposal to deploy Kenyans soldiers to Haiti saying the idea is not good especially now that the Sondu/Nandi boundary dispute has led to deaths.

Insecurity issues

Kenya is next year expected to send 1,000 troops to Haiti following a resolution of the United Nations Security Council.

“Stop sending soldiers to Haiti instead sort out insecurity issues in Sondu and restore peace in that boundary,” he said.

He also warned governors against being used to create chaos on events that Raila has been invited pointing out the case in Turkana county where Raila was heckled, saying such behaviour was wrong.

He said: “By the stature and calibre of Raila, he deserves respect even from governors for they reap from devolution that came as a result of the struggle championed by Raila.”

Dr Oburu, who was the host of the event, took on Ruto accusing him of being a hypocrite as he had failed to fulfil the promised he gave during last year’s campaigns.

 “Ruto has refused to make his government work. Ruto please give the cabinet secretaries a break for them to work for Kenyans. Ruto you need to speak the truth for once. It’s so unfortunate that Ruto makes lots of promises but does not fulfil them,” he said.

He added: “ You told us that the contractors will be back on key projects especially Goye bridge, Bondo Liunda road and certain roads in Ugenya and it’s now one year and nothing is happening. It’s so unfair to see Ruto making various trips abroad together with his Cabinet Secretaries with resources that should implement key projects that were initiated by immediate former president Uhuru Kenyatta.”

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