CEC Kangwana take an iniatitive to mark World Contraceptive Day

Written by on 26 September 2020

Kenya has made great strides in family planning uptake. Going by an FP2020 commitment maker in 2012, Kenya has exceeded its 2020 target by 58% of modern contraceptive use by married women.

Further, the government has increased the budgetary allocation on this agenda so that as a country we don’t rely 100% on partners and sponsors.

Despite the above successes, women, mothers, and young girls are suffering in silence especially those in the rural areas due to lack of information coupled with cultural beliefs and misconceptions surrounding contraception.

Ms. Edina Kangwana, a mentor and Committee Executive Member in Kisii County Government took an initiative in a sensitization session to mark World Contraception Day 2020 in Marani.

Kangwana, while addressing women on what she dubbed ‘World Contraception Day Mashinani’, indicated that the Covid-19 pandemic has widened these barriers since the closure of schools and other learning institutions.

Some of the Information gaps include family planning methods available and the fact that it is not one method fits all.

“It is important to take time and sit with a doctor on the best that fits a woman and how to deal with the side effects in case of any”, said Kangwana.

Joined by other women in the nursing field in the area, they discussed overall women issues approach like body hygiene, sex and intimacy, economic empowerment, and self-care.

Mothers are urged to own to the elephant in the house, teenage pregnancies, walk the journey with teenagers, guide and counsel them but above all monitor them closely.

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