‘It’s An Evil Plan,’ DP Ruto Says Over New Push To Amend Elections Law

Written by on 4 February 2022

Deputy President William Ruto has expressed his reservations over the Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2022 which proposes a raft of changes to the elections law six months to the August general election.

DP Ruto claims the push to change electoral laws through the bill sponsored by Majority Leader Amos Kimunya is a well-calculated move to influence the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election.

The deputy president termed proposed amendments as “evil” saying the plan “must fail.”

“The never-ending onslaught through election law amendments is a choreographed attempt to install a puppet on the Kenyan electorate and sabotage our freedom of choice and hard-earned democracy,” Ruto wrote on Twitter.

In an indirect attack at his political rivals, Ruto claimed that the amendments were meant to ensure ODM leader Raila Odinga ascends to the top seat.

“The desperate efforts to install project Kitendawili by forceful, illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional means portends a troubled future for Kenya, its democracy, the rule of law, freedom of its citizens and, ultimately, everyone’s well-being,” he added.

DP Ruto, who has for long referred to Odinga as a government project, spelt out that if passed, the Bill would undermine the will of the people by denying them their electoral choice.

“The assaults on the Constitution through reckless legislative and administrative sleights off-hand, by dark forces operating in shadows, are fundamental ingredients of a coup; the sovereignty of the people of Kenya is under grave threat,” he said.

The Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2022 which is expected to trigger an acrimonious debate in the House proposes among other things to delete Section 39(1G) of the Elections Act which requires the electoral commission to establish a mechanism for the live-streaming of results as announced at polling stations. 

It also proposes to strike out Sec. 39 (2) that states that ” The Chairperson may declare a candidate elected as the President before all the constituencies have transmitted their results if the Commission is satisfied the results that have not been received will not affect the result of the election.”

The National Assembly’s Justice and Legal Affairs committee is expected to invite Kenyans to present views on the bill under public participation, before the House debates it and considers proposed amendments to the various clauses. Once approved, the bill must similarly be considered by the Senate before final approval and assenting into law.

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