I will not demonstrate or uproot railway lines if I lose – Ruto

Written by on 13 June 2022

Presidential candidate William Ruto says he will concede defeat if he loses the August 9 general election.

In an interview with a local TV station, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party leader indicated that he would support whoever will have been elected.

Should there be a contest of the result, the Deputy President said he would maintain peace and follow provisions of the law in challenging the poll in court.

“I will organise no demonstration, I will not pull down any railway,” he said while taking a dig at his main challenger Raila Odinga, who he has severally accused of resorting to violence after losing previous elections.

The DP said he considers serving as the country’s second in command a big achievement and wouldn’t mind spending quality time with his family if he loses the much-awaited polls.

“I now have grandchildren. I will be satisfied. Millions of Kenyans have not gotten to be deputy president I really thank God I have gotten very far. From where I came from this is very satisfying, being deputy president of Kenya against all odds is something I consider a huge achievement.

“I will be a satisfied Kenyan that I did my best, I served my country and it is for Kenyans to decide what happens and if they so decide I will support whoever will have been elected and be part and parcel of the Kenyan society,” Ruto added.

Ruto comments on graft cases against his allies

At the same time, Ruto said if elected president he will put in place functioning institutions where no one will be spared if found guilty of any wrongdoings.

The Kenya Kwanza leader noted that he will not interfere with the ongoing graft case against his running mate Rigathi Gachagua.

He stressed that he will allow Gachagua to be jailed if found guilty.

Ruto was asked how he would deal with people who are closely associated with him and who have been implicated in corruption.

“Some have ongoing cases including your running mate. Are u going to let them out there to hang if that’s what it comes to because I imagine these cases will proceed even after the election?” Ruto was asked.

To which he replied;

“If they are culpable my friend if they are culpable. That’s why I am telling you the institutions we want to build, the freedom we want to give to the Judiciary, the freedom we want to give to the criminal justice system, and the financial independence we want to give to them is so that they can prosecute anybody including the President if they abuse the constitution or if they are corrupt. It’s the only chance we have in Kenya.”

Several Ruto allies are facing graft cases in court.

“They [the prosecution} will proceed if they have merit they will succeed. If they are political as I say they will fail,” Ruto added.

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