Homa Bay Pastor’s Vocabulary-Packed Prayer Leaves President Ruto, Governors In Stitches

Written by on 28 February 2024

A man of God tasked with leading prayers at the Homa Bay County International Investment Conference left VIPs in titters due to his well-articulated and vocabulary-laden prayer.

The preacher, identified as Raphael Obego, kicked off the prayer in earnest, wasting no time in dropping huge words and meticulously enunciating them.

“King of Kings and Lord of Lords, he who dwells in the Heavenlies above… Hallowed be they name today and forever more…” he started pompously.

From there, things took off pretty fast as the man of God took the audience through a highly-charged prayer session, dropping vocabulary after vocabulary and, quickly, inspiring low-key giggles from the leaders present including President William Ruto.

“It has behoved you to spare our lives… We are gathered here for this conglomeration…” he continued.

“Father as we begin, we invoke your presence in our midst, we pray for a moment of (indecipherable)… A moment of a brouhaha, a moment that is going to occur into a quantum leap…”

As he neared the climax of his invocation, things got thicker, with the words becoming bigger and the delivery becoming even more rhetorical.

Intent on leaving the audience utterly flabbergasted, Obego dove even deeper, finishing: “May you keep at bay, every single jungle manoeuvres that may be orchestrated by the devil…”

“For this is my sincere circumambulation, for I supplicate in the name of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…”

As he neared the last part of the prayer, President William Ruto, Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga and her Kirinyaga counterpart Ann Waiguru were already deep in giggles, with the Kirinyaga Governor evidently unable to hide her amusement.

After the video was widely shared on X, Kenyans too could not hide their hilarity, with many even requesting the man of God to do a similar prayer for the sake of the nation.

While sharing the video, X user Henry Kabogo said, “Raphael Obego, please pray for KPLC, eCitizen and JKIA…”

Another user agreed, adding, “When you are given the podium, ensure everyone will remember you!”

Someone else seemed to suggest that the grammar was too heavy even for the Lord, remarking, “Hii sasa itabidi Mungu aite William Shakespeare amsaidie ku translate juu wuuueh!”

At the same ceremony, Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru wowed the audience by throwing around more than a couple Luo words.

Before commencing her speech, Governor Waiguru initiated a warm exchange with the crowd, starting by saying ‘Opak Ruoth’ which loosely translates to Praise God in Dholuo.

Waiguru continued to sprinkle her speech with more Luo phrases, including “ungima” (Are you okay) and “amosou”(I greet you),” further endearing herself to the audience.

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